Description: Slim and striking, Juney is a ladylike Asian t-girl who looks great in frilly pink. She flashes a quick shot of her tranny cock, tosses us a smile and giggle, then runs a hand along her beautiful ass to her tight sensitive hole. But what she really needs is a helping hand to get her off. Voila! A pair of hands reach for her stiff piece and begin stroking gently. As Juney responds to the smooth soft caresses, the hands wield a buzzing red vibrator and ease it into her booty. As Juney grows accustomed to her ass being buzzed and vibed, the helping hands become more insistent and aggressive, fucking her harder with the shiny toy while she groans her approval. As her sex-hungry ache turns to growing need, the hands reach back in and finish with a slick smooth fondling that has her climbing the walls. Pretty and beaming with satisfaction, Juney squirts a creamy load into those hands, proudly shows off the beads of ladycum gleaming at the tip of her transgender tool.
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